Age 6 – 8

The beavers' motto is "fun and friends".

We hope that your son/daughter finds this motto to be true.



We meet Tuesday 5.00-6.15pm at the Scout Hut, during school term times only.


When your child first attends they will be non-invested, a "Kit". After attending for 4 to 6 weeks they will be asked if they would like to be invested into the scouting movement. The "Kit" will say the "Promise" in the "Investiture Ceremony" and will receive a neckerchief, woggle and badges.

The Beaver Scout Promise is:

I promise to do my best
To be kind and helpful
And to love God

(Promises tailored for alternative religions as well as non-religious versions of the promise are also available)


At the start of the meeting we form a "Dam", which is a circle in the middle of the hall. Then a Beaver is given "Nibbles", colony mascot, to hold. This Beaver then says: - "Who are we?" Then the colony replies: - "We are Beavers" and spells out "B-E-A-V-E-R-S", "What do we have?" - "Fun", "What do we make?" - "Friends".

At the end of the meeting we form a "Dam", and then a Beaver, with help, will read the closing prayer. We all hold hands and form a large circle, then as we walk in to the centre the colony says: "Goodnight Beavers".


Invested members are called "Beavers" and as part of the scouting association they must wear the uniform. The uniform consists of turquoise blue sweatshirt, neckerchief and woggle with trousers or shorts (black, grey or navy). Other optional items are: - turquoise blue polo shirt and cap. All can be purchased from the local County Scout shop



£3.50 per Beaver, each week (during school term-time) whether or not the Beaver attends.

What it pays for

Over half of Subs goes towards insurance and hut costs, the remainder on badges and in hut activities. So it is important that Subs is paid, just like car insurance, even if a car is not driven, the insurance still has to be paid for and it's the same with our Subs.

Sleep-overs, Camp, Trips and Activities - will all be charged individually.

Photo © 1st Redditch Scouts. Built by Andrew Gee.